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Our greatest strength is in our education. The Islamic Center of South Lake County has adopted the practice of educating our members through various mediums to create a community wealthy in knowledge. Our members have access to a plethora of services offered as a result of our dedicated members and your contributions.


Shahada - Declare your faith in Islam after receiving proper counseling and education from our Shaikh to ensure you are properly educated. New Muslim program administered by Imam. 

Educational Classes - We offer a number of educational classes through our regularly scheduled weekly programs as well as special events to ensure our community is wealthy in knowledge

Islamic Marriage - Our Shaikh will counsel the couple before marriage to ensure they fully understand the rights of one another before committing Nikkah. Our Shaikh will also perform your Nikkah according to Islamic rights. 

Funeral Services - Operating an Islamic Cemetery gives us increased strength in performing Janazah prayers. Our organization is well connected with the proper channels to ensure a smooth Janazah and transportation from our Center to Yalaha Islamic Cemetery. We will connect you with the local funeral director to prepare the Janazah and can provide recommendations to help you if needed with services. 

Community Outreach - We have built a strong community through our interfaith activities, fostering a plethora of knowledge and understanding in Lake County and Central Florida. 

Hospital Visitation - Our Imam and members visit our fellow members in their time of need to provide the comfort and guidance through Allah that we all need. Our Imam will provide Quranic reading, prayers, as well as family counseling.

Counseling - Our Imam is skilled in members in times of needs with the confidentiality that they deserve through the teachings of the Quran and our Prophet PBUH. Complex cases may be referred out to those of certifications for each case. 


Five Daily Prayers in Congregation

Every Day at each Salat time

Jummah Salat and Khutbah

Every Friday from 1:30 PM to 2:20 PM

Children's Islamic Classes
Every Saturday from 
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Dars of Prophet PBUH

Every Monday between Maghrib and Isha

Reading of Al-Quran for Advanced Learners

Every Tuesday between Maghrib and Isha

Recitation of Surah Al-Kahf

Every Thursday between Maghrib and Isha

Subject to change without notice

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